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Coming Soon: The Devil Particle

Forty years in the future, evil is a known quantity which can be collected and contained in a vessel, but that vessel has to be human. Seventeen-year-old Paul Salvage wants to be the human vessel to prove to the world, and himself, that he is good. But first he must compete in the Vessel Trials against forty-nine other candidates, including his girlfriend. What will it take for Paul to win and at what cost?

Cover of Carpe Diem, Illinois

Award-winning Carpe Diem, Illinois is the first book in the Leo Townsend Series

For decades, the small town of Carpe Diem, Illinois has quietly unschooled its children, eschewing tests and classrooms for real-life experiences. Now, long-smoldering political feuds and deep personal secrets threaten to explode. More

God on Mayhem Street cover

The second book in the Leo Townsend Series

Chicago Examiner reporter Leo Townsend has landed the interview of a lifetime with openly gay, front-running US presidential candidate Griffin Carlisle. But when Leo is forced to abandon the interview to rush to the side of his estranged father, Leo’s personal and professional worlds collide.. More

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The Devil Particle Release Party!

Join me as I celebrate the release of my YA dystopian novel The Devil Particle  Wednesday, June 7, 2023, 6:00 p.m. Mystery to Me Bookstore 1863 Monroe Street, Madison, WI. This event is free and open to the public but space is limited so reserve your spot today! The...

The Pros and Cons of Indie Publishing

Please note: This article was originally published on the Chicago Writers Association’s blog. In 2012 when I was finishing my first novel Carpe Diem, Illinois, I’d heard about self-publishing but thought it was for authors who couldn’t get their books traditionally...

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