The Vessel

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The Vessel Book Two of the Devil Particle Series

The Vessel

Book 2 of The Devil Particle Series



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The Reviews:

Readers' Favorite Five Stars Medallion

“Author Kristin A. Oakley brings us back into her world with a bang, delivering psychological thrills aplenty in this dark and brooding sequel.” – 5-star Reader’s Favorite Review by K.C. Finn

“A deliberately paced but gripping tale that boosts a remarkable SF series.” – Kirkus Review

“You won’t be able to put this book down because you’ll have to know . . . Will he prevail?” – Wisconsin Writers Association Review by Brenda Bonesteel

“Kristin Oakley delivers an intriguing and heart-wrenching tale of good versus evil, self-sacrifice versus greed, and all the double-dealing from people with something to hide.” – Silvia Acevedo, award-winning author of The Haunted States of America

“The author has created a well-developed cast of characters in this wonderfully disturbing dystopian action-adventure story. But it’s far more than that—the story’s deeper theme will have you asking, ‘What does it mean to be a good person when there’s no chance you can be evil?'” – Valerie Biel – author of the award-winning Circle of Nine series

“[R]eaders seeking a compelling extension of The Devil Particle in a second book that continues to expand the nature of Paul’s growth in a Big Bang of unexpected results will find The Vessel a powerfully compelling sequel that confronts illusions, truth, and a president’s ultimate lies about the cancer affecting the human soul.” – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

The Story:


Scientists attempt to save humanity by implanting all the world’s evil into one human vessel. Will it work?

Seventeen-year-old Paul Salvage competed and won the honor of becoming that Vessel. When scientists implant the particles in Paul, the evil transforms him, cures his amnesia, and makes him remember his own act of rage. With this revelation, Paul questions whether he’ll be able to control the devil particles coursing through him.

The government-backed scientists keep Paul in a cave laboratory to monitor him and test his new super-human abilities. They intend to confine him there indefinitely, but Paul wants to leave to aid in the reconstruction of the new society and to be with his girlfriend and grieving father. Frustrated, Paul uses his devil particle-enhanced brain to manipulate them into letting him go home for a weekend.

Will Paul be able to save the world, or will he destroy it?


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