Award-winning Carpe Diem, Illinois is the first book in the Leo Townsend Series

For decades, the small town of Carpe Diem, Illinois has quietly unschooled its children, eschewing tests and classrooms for real-life experiences. Now, long-smoldering political feuds and deep personal secrets threaten to explode. More

Reviews for the Leo Townsend series

Carpe Diem, IL 

“Great read. I love a good mystery, but I love a great story more! This is an intelligent well written story that had me finding moments all day to get back to the book. The characters are well defined; you cheer for the good guys & gals and boo the enemies! Learned lots about unschooling as well.

The methods of delivering information from newsreporting to the voices of the young folks, masterfully done. Can’t wait for the next Leo Townsend story.”

Carpe Diem, IL –

“Carpe Diem, Illinois, (A Leo Townsend novel) by Kristin A. Oakley, provides us a glimpse of the homeschooling experience while delivering a gritty story of murder and intrigue in small town America. Leo Townsend, Oakley’s protagonist, is a tough guy reporter whose best piece of journalism has ironically been ghost written by an anonymous source. Determined to find out who is playing him and why, Leo sets out to unravel a mysterious murder in an otherwise sleepy town . . .”

Carpe Diem, IL

“I knew very little about the progressive home schooling movement before reading this book. And at first, when the book began to focus on it, I was concerned the story would become too heavy-handed, continually touting the benefits of the movement. But instead, I found a wonderful story, unique and fascinating. Kristin Oakley tells a great narrative of small town life, family, and the power of discovery. She has produced honest characters and has pulled together a compelling plot. I highly recommend!”

David Berner