Public Speaking

Kristin Oakley's headshotIf you’re looking for a writing workshop or lively discussion, contact me. I enjoy speaking to:

  • Writers’ organizations and offering workshops on all aspects of writing from crafting first words to publication;
  • Book clubs to discuss Carpe Diem, Illinois, God on Mayhem Street, The Devil Particle Series, and my writing process;
  • Homeschoolers, unschoolers, teachers, educators, parents, students, or anyone else interested in exploring unschooling and alternative forms of education. 




My bio:

  • Kristin A. Oakley is the author of two award-winning suspense thrillers, Carpe Diem, Illinois and God on Mayhem Street. She teaches writing workshops on everything from character development and cliffhangers to self-publishing and book tours. Kristin has critiqued manuscripts through the UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies and has helped hundreds of writers hone their agent pitches at the Division’s Writers’ Institute. A former Chicago Writers Association board member, she was the managing editor of The Write City Magazine and The Write City Review. Kristin is working on a young adult thriller series called The Devil Particle Series. She writes a bi-monthly newsletter about her writing life and a homeschooling blog, both of which are available at