God on Mayhem Street

God on Mayhem Street

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The book begins:

Leo Townsend clenched the flowers in his hand when he spotted his father hunched over a grave a dozen yards away. He had hoped he wouldn’t see Frank Townsend until the funeral lunch, when the house would be full of mourners and avoiding him would be easy. But more than that,

Leo had wanted to be alone to say goodbye.

He smoothed his rumpled black suit and forced himself to walk on the gravel path past crumbling, century-old headstones to the newer section of the Merritt’s Landing Cemetery, where the crosses gleamed white in the early afternoon sun and plastic flowers stood sentry.

 When he stepped onto the grass still damp from the earlier rains, water beaded on his Italian loafers. He didn’t bother to wipe them off. He didn’t care if the moisture ruined the handcrafted leather. His mother would have been horrified. If she were alive.

Fun facts

  • Merritt’s Landing was the original name of the actual town of Endeavor, Wisconsin.
  • Much of God on Mayhem Street takes place on Leo’s family farm in Wisconsin. Kristin’s a city girl so she visited a friends’ farm in northern Illinois to do some much needed research.

Irish Grove Farms in Northern Illinois


Kristin’s daughter, Caitlin, Rob Endres, and Olivia




Farm dogs Leo (yes, Leo!) and Olivia


  • If Leo’s not on the family farm, he’s in the fictional town of Endeavor, Wisconsin. This town is loosely based upon the real town of Endeavor. With this in mind, Kristin and her editor, Karyn Saemann, explored this tiny town:

The historic Logan Home made from Endeavor bricks

Kristin’s editor Karyn Saemann in front of the Swampside Bar & Grill








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