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I’m obsessive about meeting deadlines — if I set a deadline, I work fifteen-hour days to get the job done.

So, when I’d promised my five critical readers (the Fab Five) a well-edited manuscript of The Runner – The Devil Particle Book Three by March 15th, I knew I’d make that deadline. And the timing would be perfect as I was traveling to Seattle with my daughter on the 18th (our first time in the Emerald City).


When I received great feedback from my editor on February 5th (thanks Tim!), I knew I could make those revisions and copyedit the manuscript (check grammar, word choices, etc.) before sending it to those wonderful ladies.


Winter’s cold and flu season had other plans


Tea cup, glasses, and tissuesBut then I developed a constant runny nose and scratchy throat. The scratchiness became painful, like swallowing glass. I just knew it was strep throat. A trip to the doctor confirmed it. The antibiotics took care of the throat pain, but not the sinus infection and brain fog.

Still, I kept hoping I’d get the manuscript to the Fab Five before leaving for Seattle. But the intense editing had to wait until my head cleared. Even so, I was able to email Tim about my protagonist’s pesky interior arc and we got him on track.

By March 14th, I knew I needed a couple more weeks to work on the manuscript, so I contacted the Fab Five. I explained the situation and asked if I could delay sending it to them until the end of March/beginning of April. They’re still on board. Phew!


Planned trip – Seattle


Seattle shorelineSo, here I am in Seattle, looking down on the city from the Space Needle, wandering the Chihuly and Pop Culture museums, and riding the ferry to Bainbridge Island (birthplace of Pickleball).

Seattle Space Needle







While my daughter attends the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) conference (she’s a costume designer), I’m working on this newsletter and the manuscript in such wonderful places as the Seattle Public Library, the libraries at the University of Washington, and local coffee shops.


Exterior of the Seattle Public Library

Interior of the Seattle Public Library looking down










Front of UW's Library

Interior of UW Library







Oh, and did I mention that the cherry trees are in bloom?


A blossoming cherry tree

A row of cherry trees in bloom










New deadline

I now plan on sending The Runner to the Fab Five during the week of March 31st. I’ll do it this time! If not, I’m sure you’ll hold me to it.

What deadlines have you hit so far this year? Are there any you’ve missed?



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