The Gift of Time Revisited

With the holidays right around the corner, my thoughts turn to celebrating with family and friends and gift-giving and receiving. Last year I asked each of my family members to give me the gift of time (“The Gift of Time” and “The Gift of Time Part...

My Short Story Won First Place!

I have exciting news! My short story, “Jessie’s Jelly Joint,” won first place in the Chicago Writers Association’s Short Story Contest on Friday, October 14th at the CWA Party! I wrote “Jessie’s Jelly Joint” about nine years...

Searching for Podcasts

I walk two to four miles every day while brainstorming ideas for my books or listening to audiobooks (and photographing wildlife). Currently, I’m listening to The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained, or Persuasion, depending...
Kristin holding her books


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